Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Power Of Advertising..!

Hi guys....I think everyone aware on the power of advertising. We have seen a lot of advertising in our life. Everywhere, you name the road side, on the buses, LRT, even in our house, ...and the most success one is electronic media especially television and radio. It was sent straight to our face. We can't avoid to ignore it, isn't? We also can't deny that these advertising campaigns, if not 100% at least 50% will influence us when we make decision on our daily life especially to our children. Children is the worst victim. They can't reject any advertising that suit to their mind. Listening to our friends experiences, wife or husband are also part of advertising. Good advertising campaign required brilliant ideas and funs. point here is that we can't run from any advertising in our life.
Here are some photos of the advertising....hehehehe...!!

Well...??? I'm correct isn't.....?????

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